Club Spotlight: Sand Volleyball Club


Kate Wang

Granada’s sand volleyball courts

Taelyr Chamberlain and Kate Wang

The Granada sand volleyball club is a place for volleyball lovers on campus to unite and allow members condition while also having fun. People have been using the sand courts on campus to play in the sand for years. However, this is the first time that it has been organized into a club-wide effort. Their coordination pays off with each meet bringing in around fifteen to twenty people.

Diego Silva, the president and founder of the club, played on the sand courts all throughout his freshman year. As a sophomore, he decided to start the club to organize efforts to play sand volleyball at school and play with his friends, saying, “I like playing sand volleyball so it keeps me busy during the boys off-season.” Silva is passionate about volleyball and he plays for CORE volleyball club and the Granada boys varsity volleyball team.

Silva also emphasizes that, “you don’t have to play volleyball. If you want to, you can go.” Members who didn’t have prior volleyball experience said that the club helped them to learn and improve.

With the Granada boys’ volleyball season not coming around until February, the sand courts on Granada’s campus are a great place for volleyball players to train and practice during their off season. When the girls’ volleyball season ends, the club could be a good opportunity to maintain their skills while also having fun with their friends. The club can also be an introduction for non-volleyball players to the sport. Silva explains that the club strives to, “give everyone on campus who is interested in sand volleyball the opportunity to play.”

Sand volleyball has many benefits, including a full-body workout, strength and endurance training, and improved communication with teammates. The resistance the sand provides forces you to train harder than you normally would on the court. This improves cardiovascular strength, muscle toning and definition, as well as improving stability on the constantly shifting sand. Since sand volleyball teams usually consist of two to six players, you naturally become better at communicating and working well with the people around you.

Along with Brody Manolopoulos (Vice President) and Grant McCarthy (Treasurer) and Rich Cortez (Club Advisor), Diego works hard to make this club a success. For updates on when they meet, follow @ghs_sandvbclub on instagram.