Club Spotlight: “Indoor Art Mural Club” is Beautifying Campus


Kate Wang

A mural done by the IAMC on the door of Mr. Hahn’s room.

Kate Wang and J Hindman

The Indoor Art Mural Club, also known as the IAMC, is one of the many creative clubs at Granada. They aim to express their passion for art as well as bring beauty to the school by painting murals around campus. IAMC, despite only being an official club for two years, is a welcoming and inclusive community that is making moves to decorate the campus.

IAMC, established during the 2021-2022 school year, is an art club dedicated to decorating our campus with beautiful murals. Each club member is very passionate about art and using their talent to add color and artistry to our school.

When they create a mural, they get their lead designers to design a theme based on the project or the teacher they are painting for. Club president Max Chew explains, “For example, if we are painting for Mrs. Weaver (who teaches AP US History), we will choose a history theme and our design will design something based on history.”

Jamie Yi, one of the lead designers for the club, says she loves “how inclusive everyone is and how we really get to express our creativity.” She hopes that this year, they’ll be able to draw more murals since last year they weren’t able to create as many as they would have liked to. Chew, the president of IAMC, elaborates on this by saying how he wants “to bring beauty to the school because the school is bland.”

Last year, IAMC painted a collab mural on Mrs. Avilla and Mr. Head’s doors, which has a matador on one side and a bull on the other, as well as a mural on Mr. Hahn’s door as shown in the image above. This year, the club is planning to create more murals for teachers such as Mrs. Haxhimali, as well as murals in the public parts of campus. Their upcoming project is a mural in the girl’s locker room.

If you want to commission artwork from the club, you can email the president at [email protected], or you can fill out the google form that is linked on their Instagram: @ghsindoorartmuralclub. However, students on their own cannot commission artwork as permission from the school is required.