Boy Bands Are Good, 5 Seconds of Summer’s New Album Was Not

Boy Bands Are Good, 5 Seconds of Summers New Album Was Not

Tyler Hayley, Reporter and Editor

Pomegranate Seeds: 5/10

5 Seconds of Summer recently released their fifth album, “5SOS5”. With the title and album cover not leaving us with much information, I was interested to see what this album would sound like. Here were my thoughts on the boy band’s latest album.

The first track “COMPLETE MESS” was not a hit for me. While not necessarily disappointing, this song made me realize I was in for an album full of generic pop songs. While the chorus was decent and the song was well-produced, it wasn’t anything special. My biggest problem was that throughout the song I could barely tell what the lead singer, Luke Hemmings, was saying. The only part that made sense was the chorus which was just repeatedly singing the song title.

The next track “Easy For You To Say” was definitely a disappointment. It sounded very similar to “COMPLETE MESS” and was just repetitive. As far as I’m aware, the two songs could have been about the exact same thing. Overall it was just a boring song that had no flavor. My hopes for this album were a little saved by track 3, “Bad Omens”. While still a very average pop song, the energy in the song was on point and the beats and chorus were good. The chorus is really the part of a pop song that has to be good since it’s when everybody can sing along. This was the song that I expected to hear on this album and it was by far the best track.

Track 4 is where it started to go downhill, and it would just keep going down. I already knew I was in for an average pop song as the name “Me Myself & I” is the most generic thing you can come up with. I could collect a dozen other songs with the same title that sound exactly the same. The whole time I was thinking this song was way too long, but maybe that’s just because I didn’t want to listen to it anymore.

What can I even say for the rest of the album? Each song was so similar to the last one that it seemed like the same song was just on repeat. Track 5, “Take My Hand (Joshua Tree Version” was way too long for how dull the song is. The bridge was the same as every bridge, the chorus the same as every chorus. Songs like “CAROUSEL”, “Older”, and “You Don’t Go To Parties” were so boring and average that my mind easily drifted while listening to this album. Every song is seemingly about the same thing and each one is just an average pop love song.

The whole album, while produced well, was boring on every level. The name of the album was boring, the song names were the most generic titles I’ve ever seen, and overall there was nothing about this album that tied it together. Based on this album, I don’t think I could believe anyone is actually a die-hard fan of 5 Seconds of Summer. There’s nothing special about the album.

I had heard other 5 Seconds of Summer songs and this album was just a disappointment. While it’s ok if generic pop is your thing, “5SOS5” was still just meh. Receiving 5/10 pomegranate seeds, it wasn’t complete garbage which is something. I wouldn’t recommend this album to really anybody and there are much better boy bands and pop singers out there. Don’t waste your time on “5SOS5”.