Granada Profile: Vice Principal Jason Cain

Henrikch Aguisando, Reporter

The class of 2026 has a new Vice Principal, Jason Cain. This is his 15th year working in education. He started as a substitute teacher in Fremont for all levels Pre-k to adults. He then became a social studies teacher at the high school level. After he moved to the district office in Fremont, where he helped implement middle school and managed all of it. He was also a Vice Principal at American High in Fremont before coming to Granada.

How have you adjusted to Granada so far?

I really enjoyed it. The staff and students have a great and amazing culture. I can see that there is a very supportive community here.”

What brought you to the position of Vice Principal?                                                                                        

“I wanted to enhance overall school culture and improve it to benefit students.  Being a resident of Livermore I have seen support for the community and educational system. Thought that this was a great district to work in due to collaboration between students, parents, and the school.”

What inspired you to work in education?                                                                                                                  

“I always enjoyed playing sports and the coaching aspect. I saw education as an opportunity to coach on the field and inside the classroom to work with kids. Looking back I had a lot of amazing educators and positive role models that were influential in my life. I hope to be that person to others during my career.”

What plans do you have for yourself in the future?                                                                                              

“I see myself continuing to pursue opportunities that can impact students on the largest scale possible. Take up roles that impact and benefit kids as much as possible.”

If you have a message for the current freshman class, what would you say?                                           

“High school is an amazing opportunity to laugh and grow as individuals. Make sure to take advantage of your opportunities during this time because the 4 years go by fast. Always remember we are always here to support you, true growth is made when we accept and learn from our experiences.”  

Over the past 15 years Mr. Cain has shown dedication to his job. He cares a lot about the students and the community surrounding them.