Junior Skit Hits a Home Run

Kate Wang and Sarah Araya

The Class of 2024 took the school by storm, taking the Granada campus back in time to the 1950’s. Homecoming week is all about traditions. This year, when everything finally returned to normalcy, Granada students were finally able to see what a true pre-skit and skit done right by the upperclassmen is like.

From “Mat’s Market” out in the front entrance of the school to the drive-in movie theater and diners that the 200 and 300 Halls were transformed into, the complete change of campus blew the students away. It was like the school was actually turned back in time to the 1950s.

President of the class of 2024 Prisha Sheth was determined to put on an amazing skit that everyone would be proud of. Along with the other class officers, Aiden Clarin, Cassidy Bartolotto, Nithya Madineni, and Megan Teczon, Prisha planned the sections of pre-skit as well as the actual performance itself. Prisha said, “When the whole class came together after the skit, knowing the hard work for the past month paid off, it was the best. We put on an amazing skit and the class makes it what it is.”

The Class of 2024 went with the 1950’s as it was a time with big personalities and a ton of spirit. Ms. Johnson, the Junior Class Advisor, explained how they chose the fifties, “It was a cool era that kids could get really excited about.” Once the theme was chosen, it was practice, practice, practice. There were lunch practices and after school practices, as well as specific crews for props, dances, and for every preskit area.

Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe talking

The junior skit itself was astonishing. It had lots of energy and plot points. It told a story of young Marilyn Monroe meeting Elvis Presley, and took place at the diner she was working at. All the actors within the skit did amazing things. In particular, the man who played Elvis Presley, Vinny Carbonaro, did an outstanding job. He portrayed the role of Elvis with passion and flare. He said his favorite part was “having fun dancing with my friends.” He also said that the inspiration behind him being Elvis was “my friends just asked me if I wanted to play Elvis and I just said sure.” This shows that he never intended to do it till his friends asked. But he said he had fun, and that’s all that counts.

The Granada High skits are well known for the dances within them. Why? Because the girls dance is filled with well put together moves. When the boys do their dance everyone knows that when they come out it’s one of two things the boys are usually just grinding the ground or air with little dance incorporated, which is what makes it funny. But once you put both the boys and girls together and they dance it all comes together and they look amazing together as one.

Carly Thinfen, the choreographer of the talent dance, did an outstanding job and outdid herself with the dance. When asked about the inspiration behind the talent dance, she explained the how the songs were about women empowerment, “The women’s empowerment movement in the fifties inspired me because during World War II, women began taking over men’s jobs, which allowed them to get more opportunities to work and experience life outside of the domestic household,” said Thinfen.

Along with Angela Beats and Isabella Tennyson who choreographed the main dance, Bella Rivalie and Ivie Breazeale who choreographed the boys dance, and Charlize Maravilla and Krista Lane and Hannah Sanchez who choreographed the girls dance, she made the dances iconic.

Skit is one of the biggest homecoming traditions at Granada and it is one that makes our school unique. It makes the festivities of homecoming a whole lot of fun, they make it worth it. The junior skit was worth every second and was wonderful to watch. The people that helped put on the skit were all so kind and amazing. Granada’s junior skit hit a home run.