New English Teacher Ms. Herrington


Ms. Herrington

Gabe Ruiz, Reporter

With this new year of school, comes new teachers to Granada. Granada is happy to have two new English teachers, and one of the new teachers is Ms. Herrington. This is her first official year of teaching. She said that last year she was a substitute teacher.

She was asked what lead to becoming a teacher. “I kind of always knew that I wanted to be a teacher. I just didn’t expect that it would be currently. I went to college for English and had a concentration in technical writing. This was all during Covid and Covid lead me to becoming a teacher.”

Ms. Herrington is teaching mostly tenth grade English right now, but she also has some ninth grade classes in future trimesters.

She was asked what her favorite part of the job was. “It is honestly making connections with the students. I think high schoolers are funny. I also didn’t feel like I had that same support, so I’m trying to be the teacher I always wanted.”

With any job, comes high and lows. She was asked to describe the lows of teaching. “Sometimes it can be hard to find the right ways to support students. It’s just finding the connections and boundaries with being a young teacher. And sometimes it is holding students accountable even when I don’t want to.”

Herrington discussed how she got into the career of teaching and why it was English she chose. “Growing up I was held back during first grade because of reading and analyzing texts. I had eventually found a love for the reading and analyzing during my college years, and that’s where I wanted to teach students about it.”

She said that her influences on becoming a teacher, came from high school. She had two English teachers that made her want to teach English and a math teacher who was just an amazing teacher.

She was asked what she was most proud of. “I’m proud of where I have come from in my education journey. School was hard for me, and I really found it getting easier during college.”

A few things about Ms. Herrington is that she loves hiking with her dog. She loves reading and enjoys drawing and painting as a hobby. If she wasn’t a teacher, she said, “I would probably try to have my own restaurant. I have experience in that area because of other jobs.”

A couple things she loves from Livermore are the hills that we have. She loves hiking and walking them. She also likes all the recreational spots Livermore has to offer. 

One thing that she wants people to know about her is that her door is always open to anyone. She wants to make an impact on students, making sure they are supported, seen, and heard.