The Sophomore’s are Roaring into Homecoming


Tati Strickland, Reporter

The sophomore class of 2025 had the chance to take Granada back in time to the 1920’s.

Just like the freshmen, this was the sophomore’s first time performing a skit in front of their fellow matadors.

“Leading up to today I was definitely scared but waking up this morning and getting to school early to set up and run through made me super excited to see all the hard work come together,” said Anthony D’Onofrio.

A super important and exciting way to get the class involved in participating is the dances. The girls perform a dance, as well as the boys and end the performance with a group dance.

“The girls dance was inspired by the flappers from the 1920’s, and we had four practices that were about 30 minutes long,” said the choreographer Bella DiThomas. The girls song was “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody,” and the boys song was a mix of “Newsies” and “Boys in the Hood.”

“The boys dance was based on paper boys, and the group dance was a big party in the middle and dancing and having a lot of fun”, said DiThomas

The energy and excitement from this performance was felt throughout the crowd.

“We were able to make the story come to life by making sure everyone was excited to be part of the skit and enjoyed it. Excited members made an awesome and exciting skit”, said D’Onofrio when asked about how their class was able to make their story come to life.

A surprising homecoming proposal was one of the highlights of the event. Paul Tia swept the stage with his performance of “My Way” and asked Adriana Colandone in the middle of the skit. This brought everyone to their feet and got the crowd roaring with applause, and most importantly, she said yes.

“My favorite part was definitely the hoco proposal”, said D’Onofrio.

Homecoming week is an ecstatic time for the Matadors. The sophomores made their mark and did an incredible job of bringing everyone back in time and giving everyone a glimpse of life from the 1920’s.