Freshman Skit Kickoffs Homecoming Week in the Right Way


Moss Ballin, Reporter

This year’s freshman skit was only yesterday, on Monday September 19th. The skit followed freshmen Pehnina, Freyjaa, and Ally as they collected pieces of Pehnina’s grandmother’s disco ball in order to get back to the present.

The three of them run through the 70s, meeting the BeeGees, Smurfs, Willy Wonka, Jedis, and Elton John. Throughout the skit, the freshmen performed various dances. 

The girls dance was to “Staying Alive,” the boy’s dance to “Candy Shop,” the couples dance to “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” and the group dance to “Dancing Queen.” All of the dances looked amazing, but they weren’t difficult to learn.

“I was pretty  scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it because I was late to the first meeting, but it was really easy and really fun,” says Nicole Ward, a freshman who was a part of the girl’s and group dance.

The skit dances are always meant to be fun, and easy to learn, often being described as easy enough to learn in one day.  

Even with all of the amazing dances, the highlight of the skit would have to be the lightsaber fight. During the fight, cardboard spaceships flew around the actors creating an action packed scene that ties the whole skit together.

It takes a lot of hard work to make a dance that anyone can learn, and to write scenes that are entertaining, but a lot of work was also put into the props.

The students working on the props met up a few times outside of school to really make sure the props were perfect. When asked about the process of creating the props, Ward had this to say: “There were so many people and it was so much fun. I think it is a really good way to make friends and meet new people.”

Overall, being a part of the skit is a really positive experience, where you are able to create something really amazing, and have a good time while doing it.