Matadors Take the Win Over Castro Valley 28-6


Bob Bronzan

Quinn Boyd, #12, calling the play in the offensive huddle

Gabe Ruiz, Reporter

Granada takes the win against Castro Valley Trojans. Their game took place last Friday, September 9. Their game was at 7:30 due to high heat concerns. Castro Valley was looking like they were controlling the game in the first quarter. Granada silenced Castro and by the end of the game, the score was 28-6 Granada. Granada’s next game is against Amador this Friday, September 16.

Granada’s defense was struggling to containing the run for the first quarter. But the defense held their own. They stopped the Trojans from scoring any touchdowns in the game. The Trojans were only able to kick two field goals the entire game. 

In the second quarter Granada found its rhythm. Towards the end of the second, Quinn Boyd found Koa Barcines on a go-route from the Mats 47 to inside the Trojans 10. The next two plays Granada’s AJ Martin ran the ball in for a touchdown. Brandon Niermeyer’s PAT was good. Granada led 7-6 at the half.

Granada returned the ball after the half, but nothing really happened until, Granada’s defense held Castro to a field goal attempt in the third. Thinking it would be an easy kick, Kalique Cheeves came from the line and blocked it, keeping the score 7-6 in Granada’s favor. Following the blocked kick, Coach Moses called an end around for sophomore, Peyton Richards. Richards knew exactly where to go and it was the endzone; he took it 51 yards for a touchdown. Niermeyer’s PAT was good. The Mats were up 14-6 halfway through the third. During Castro Valley’s next drive, the Mats defense caused a fumble and Granada took possession back. 

Two quick plays from Granada and they were inside the Trojan’s 10. With a final running play by AJ Martin, Granada put another touchdown on the board. Granada had a 21-6 lead. A few plays after Castro Valley received the ball, the starting junior, Viliami Fisahii, cracked a huge hit on the running back causing a fumble, and Koa quickly scooped up the ball and scored. Granada sealed the game after that, the score being 28-6. Granada held Castro to six points the whole game and put on a show for the fans. Granada is now sitting at a 1-2 record with a game coming against Amador, who has a record of 1-1.

After the game, Cristian Clouser, safety (#1), and Jacob Sanchez, safety, (#4) were asked if this win was a team effort or if there was someone who just stepped up. They both highlighted that this was a team effort win.

Clouser went on to say, “If one person were to mess up, the whole play usually gets messed up. So we gotta all work as a team to be successful.”

Sanchez responded by saying, “We struggled in the first half. Once the defense got going the offense picked it up and it was over after that.”

When asked about being on varsity under a new coaching staff, Sanchez said, “The team doesn’t waver and we know our ability we just have to keep our mid right and focus on winning a game at a time. Everyone is bought in.” 

Sanchez also went on to discuss the mood over the last couple weeks, saying, “We were disappointed after the last two games and knew we had to right the ship at home. We were loose but knew that this game was must win and we won.”

Clouser was asked if he’s intimidated by anyone on the field, and he responded very firmly, “I fear God, not humans.” He doesn’t let the size of anyone on the field get to him. They were both asked to describe the pace from JV to varsity, and they both responded with the same answer. They said that there’s less room for any errors, and that everyone is just more athletic in ways, but they feel like they have both adjusted well.

When asked to say anything about their upcoming game against the Amador, they both were excited about the game. They both iterated that Amador is a good team, but they are going to be ready.