Athlete of the Week: Karly Bonaventure


Bob Bronzan

Karly Bonaventure #8 going up to block during game against Irvington

Tati Strickland, Reporter

Granada has hundreds of student athletes that devote their time to playing their hardest out on the field, the court, or the pool. Athlete of the week is a fun way to recognize some of the incredible athletes that attend Granada. The first athlete chosen of the year is Karly Bonaventure. Karly is an incoming freshmen, and she is playing on the Granada Girl’s Volleyball Varsity team.

Karly has been playing volleyball for over two years and has played for COREĀ  Volleyball Club. “A lot of people I knew were playing volleyball and it seemed really interesting and then I tried out for a club team and got accepted and I have been playing since,” said Bonaventure.

Karly’s height of 6 foot 1 inch gives her an advantage playing middle blocker. A middle blocker’s role on the team is being the first line of defense against the opposing team’s hits. “My best skill is probably blocking because I am able to jump really high” said Bonaventure.

The first game playing in a Granada uniform is so memorable for any athlete. Karly’s favorite memory so far in the season was the first game playing against Irvington. “My favorite memory on the team was the first game at home because I played really well and my team was supporting me”

Making a high level varsity team as a freshmen can seem very intimidating but can also be super rewarding and game changing. “I think it’s really cool and I feel really honored to play varsity as a freshman. It’s cool to be able to learn and play with older players that have more experience”

“I’m really inspired by the Texas State Volleyball Team and my mom” Karly talks about some people in her life that are a role model to her and have had a positive influence on her during her volleyball career.

The Granada Girl’s Varsity team has a great bond and this has a tremendous effect on the court. Just in the starting weeks of the season, Karly’s most enjoyable part of being on the team are her teammates “Being able to play with my team all the time just makes it all so fun”

Karly is super excited to see what this season has in store for her and to see how vastly she improves and to make so many unforgettable friends and memories.