Preview of Granada Football’s Game Versus Heritage


Bob Bronzan

Quinn Boyd, Quarterback, about to take the snap from Lukas Von Bergen, Center

Gabe Ruiz, Reporter

After suffering a lost in their season opener, Granada is hoping to bounce back and take the win at the home game this Friday at 7pm at home. They will be facing Heritage who is ranked 228 in California via MaxPreps. Heritage is coming off of a win in their season opener. With Granada coming in at 452 via MaxPreps, this win would mean a lot. 

Last year varsity had taken a lost against Heritage as well. Granada is looking towards pulling off with a win in this game. High hopes for Granada as they have the 10-0 team from last year. With junior Quinn Boyd, #9, as the leader for the offense, and his spectacular season last year, Granada is hoping to see the best of him this year.

While Granada’s team isn’t limited to just 2 stand out players, their roster is filled with nice talent at all types of positions on the field. Another outstanding player that’s trying to have a breakout year is, senior wide receiver, Koa Barcines, #3. He’s an electric player and good at what he does. 

Last year Granada varsity did not meet the expectations they had for themselves, and this year is hoping to do better.  With the new juniors coming onto the team and with a new varsity head coach and staff, who include, Coach Marc Moses and Coach Fabian Franco. Coach Moses has been coaching in his life for over 20 years. The last 11 have been with Granada’s JV team. This will be his 12th year as a coach at Granada and first as Head Varsity coach.

They have a good shot at playing all the way into December. When Koa was asked to describe Coach Moses, he said that, “Coach is more disciplined. And he changed the offense.”

I was able to interview 2 from the football team. Junior linemen Gabe Moncada, #51 and junior #50, Viliami Fisiiahi defensive linemen. When asked what the change of pace is from JV to the varsity level,Gabe Moncada said “It’s definitely a huge game change. It very different from just the JV level.” He also said “We’re going up against bigger bodies and smarter people.”

Viliami had came to back him up with, “Everyone is just at this constant high pressure, plays going back to back to back.” He also had agreed with Moncada. 

I had asked if they looked up to anyone. And they both answered with no hesitation, senior Logan Tucker, starting offensive linemen. They both carried each others answers with “his footwork is amazing and he’s this leader that holds the team together”. Viliami went on saying, “He’s this good player that knows what his assignments and gaps are. He’s this strong leader for the team.” Moncada had backed up that statement.

After a quick interview with the receiver Koa Barcines. He had said “From the last year coach to the new one is a huge change”. He went on to say that “We’re a more pass heavy team and it’s different from last year.” Kalique Cheeves, starting defensive corner, had also said that “The change of pace is more consistent.” When asked if Koa looks up to anyone he said “No one really, family and friends are really the only people.”

All Moncada, Fisiiahi, and Barcinas have said the way of stopping Heritage is to contain their running back. Heritage’s running back is a 3 star senior. They all said that their passing game isn’t that much special. So we’re going to focus on the run. 

They all stated that they believe that they think Granada is going to come out with a win in this game. Viliami said “Our O-line has gone up against a good defensive team, so we’ll be ready.”