Homecoming “Behind the Scenes”


Tati Strickland

Junior class of 2023 homecoming skit rehearsal from last year.

Tati Strickland, Reporter

With the start of the school year, homecoming is right around the corner and each class is taking their theme and putting their own twist to make it their own. The senior class office made up of Elle Bowman, Maggie Robinson, Grace Mahoney, Skyler Varin, and Destiny Anderson came together and had numerous discussions about themes that have been used previously. They choose this years homecoming theme to be decades, this was done far enough ago, and it would be a good idea for each class to do and it would be fun to see.

The senior class had first pick and decided to travel back in time to the 80’s. The class of 2024 were up next and decided on the 1950’s. Our sophomore class chose to get roaring and head to the 20’s. Our newest class, the class 0f 2026 wanted to come into high school with a bang and are traveling to the 1970’s.

Planning homecoming may seem like its a piece of cake but when students are figuring out what to wear and who they are going with, they forget about how much time and effort it takes to put this huge event on. Although when we think of homecoming, we think of the homecoming dance but there is so much more events that go on during this time. Maggie Robinson and Isabella Chavez are the head of Special Operations and are the ones taking charge this year. With the heavy load of planning our homecoming dance, they are also planning homecoming king/queen and prince/princess nominations, the queen’s room, the annual carnival, and how homecoming is going to look for years to come.

All of their free time is spent planning and working on homecoming to make this a great event for our students. Both Maggie and Isabella talked about having an underlying feeling of stress.

“It’s so fun and so rewarding but it’s definitely stressful and you have to roll with the punches. We don’t even know what homecoming is going to look like and it’s three weeks away,” said Robinson.

Elle Bowman, the class of 2023’s president discussed what it looks like when planning homecoming for each class. “We are working together by delegating tasks a lot more than we have in the past because everyone has their own speciality. We have been splitting up tasks and trying to get our class more involved as well, it has been very important to not have just what we want but represent our whole class”

The seniors took the theme of 80’s and are working together to perform dances, act in the skit, and transform our campus like we truly did travel back in time for pre skit.

This is such an exciting time for our school, “For homecoming week for our class I’m most excited to see everything come together and get involved. This year I am glad that we are able to have skits back so I am excited to bring back that culture and activity for all classes to see,” said Bowman.

With the end of high school years approaching, the class of 2023 is determined to make this year’s skit the best it can possibly be. “I’m super excited about our theme, we will be able to tell a good story and show what our class is all about”

We have been putting out a lot of surveys and google forms to try and get feedback on behind the scenes, we have posted a remind and sign up genius to ensure that everyone can customize their personal skit experience,” said Bowman.

All of the students here at Granada are working so hard to make their class theme incredible as well as putting together the well known week of homecoming. With the events approaching, this time is a blast and everyone is excited to see how it all comes together.