Athletic Director David Moore Wins Norm Mackenzie Award


Wyatt Krauss

Athletic Director Moore

Marco Garibaldi, Reporter And Editor

This past week Granada’s athletic director David Moore won the Norm Mackenzie award.

The Norm Mackenzie award is an award given out every year to an athletic director in California. This award is given to the athletic director that does the best within the first three years of being hired for that school. It could also be referred to as the “rookie of the year” award. 

It’s good to know that the work I’m doing is good and is being recognized and appreciated,” said Moore. 

Mr. Moore attended Granada high school when he was a student and played an abundance of sports over his four year high school career. Mr. Moore played four years of high school soccer, two years of baseball and one year of track and field, graduating in 2005. He then went to Cal Poly for all four years of college. This is Moore’s fourth year as athletic director and was an assistant athletic director for two years under Mr. Cononver, who is now a vice principal here at Granada.

This award says more about Moore than people might realize. Moore has always tried to keep sports in perspective and focus on the bigger picture when it comes to sports at Granada. 

“I’ve always wanted to keep sports in perspective as far as we want our teams to be successful…I think that the award kind of reflects the all encompassing, not just focused on what we do in the field and in the gym, but also the overall success of our programs,” said Moore.

Granada has always been referred to as a special place by alumni and long-term teachers. Granada high school has created a community feel by always involving sports. 

“I always said that I played competitive soccer, but during my time playing high school soccer, although we weren’t very good, it was always fun because you’re representing your school and your friends can come and watch you play. I think Granada has a lot of community support and just that feel of all our teams supporting each other.”

Moore wants to continue to develop as an athletic director and continue to bring support to Granada sports around Livermore. Moore wants to continue to develop the student athlete and be successful with all Granada Sports. 

Moore will fly down to San Diego in April to receive the award.