Varsity Girls Basketball Earns Best Season Record in Over 20 Years


Adam J Clark

Varsity girls basketball pulls away with a win against California high school.

Sophia Bertolo, Reporter/Editor

Granada’s varsity girls basketball pulled out of a Covid season with fire and unyielding determination. Ending the season off with a record of 20 wins and merely six losses, this season was the best this program has seen in over 20 years. 

This season of success was one that had been in the works for years prior. The senior class of 2022 was the first to truly adapt to the game plan and mindset that head coach Kris Birco had been training. Joining the team as mere freshmen, Madison Braswell, Sonia Fletcher, and Regina Molitoris built the foundation that this year’s team played upon. 

Coming out of a previous “half-season”, Sonia Fletcher (senior) states that this season they were able to “come out stronger, better than ever, and wanting to play more than ever.” This showed true as the girls entered a rather victorious pre-league. Running an average of about 57 points per game, they dominated the competition. 

Building off of the foundation built by the senior class of 2022, the chemistry that could be found between these girls was undeniable. The girls found a sense of togetherness that other teams could not compete with. Madison Braswell (senior) stated, “everyone played for each other and it didn’t matter who got more playing time or who got the most points.” 

Every game, regardless of who the opposing team was, the girls showed up with the will to win. It was unimportant if they were winning by 20 or losing by 10, they played with the same relentless fight. Regina Molitoris (senior) affirmed that, “everyone had the same drive to win and try their hardest.” 

Roses are not to be found without thorns, though. Immediately following their last pre-league game, the girls were faced with Covid spikes and outbreaks. This affected teams across the league, causing cancellations and rescheduled games. For the girls this would mean playing as many as seven games in as little as ten days. Luckily for Granada, what would be considered a setback turned out to be an advantage. 

When asked about this challenging time period, head coach Kris Birco explained, “We pride ourselves in being the best-conditioned team out on the court. The workouts in the spring, summer, and the preseason are what prepared us for situations like this.” The intense schedule of the season left other teams struggling whereas Granada was conditioned for success. 

As a result, the girls closed out the season with an astounding record of 7-3 in league, putting them as #1 within the East Bay Valley Division. Now, with a successful foundation to build off of, the morals and success of this program are left within the hands of incoming and returning players. From a coaching standpoint, Birco hopes for the program to evolve into a “powerhouse where young girls in the community look up to the girls in the program as role models and great basketball players.” 

The season record these girls fought for and earned is one that will set the standard for future seasons. For the graduating seniors, we look forward to your collegiate years and accomplishments. For returning and incoming players, we look forward to seeing you build off of this newfound foundation.