Album Review- Bastille “Give Me The Future”


Tyler Hayley, Reporter and Editor

The Pomegranate Rating: 7.5/10

 A band that has spent many years in the spotlight, Bastille has come out with another album. Expressing hopes and dreams of what’s yet to come, “Give Me The Future” is a fun new album to come out this month. Here are my thoughts on this British band’s new album.

Only their fourth studio album, Bastille brings new beats and an impressive mix of different instruments. With the lead-off track being one of the best songs off the album, “Distorted Light Beam” sets the perfect tone for the album giving it a futuristic feel that perfectly embodies the spirit of Bastille’s music. Lead singer of Bastille Dan Smith’s voice sounds poetic as he sings to the rhythmic beat. The perfect song about no longer caring what others think; it’s perfect for dancing or boosting your confidence.

“Give Me The Future” brings us several new hits such as “Thelma + Louise” and “Back To The Future.” One of a few love songs on the album, “Thelma + Louise” is a pretty song that starts off with a great beat. In this song, Bastille makes great use of electric instruments that makes this song fit perfectly with the rest of the tracks. I could easily imagine this song as a backtrack to some sort of road trip montage.

“Back To The Future” makes use of many different instruments, that overall, is very impressive and makes the song even better. Bringing a bit of an 80’s vibe, “Back To The Future” could easily be part of the soundtrack of the movie it shares a name with. Another song from the album, “No Bad Days” is far more energetic than some of the other tracks. Sharing the same sentiments and sounds as “Distorted Light Beam”, the song is perfect when you just don’t want to think about the bad days anymore.

Although this album is overall very well done, it doesn’t go beyond your basic bedroom pop. Despite great instruments and vocals, “Give Me The Future” does not have the power to become a great, spectacular album. While it is still worth a listen, I rate this album a 7.5/10. Fitting in perfectly with the rest of Bastille’s discography, “Give Me The Future” is a fine album with plenty of new songs.