Is The New Paramore Album Good?


Ella Philippe, Reporter

Pomegranate Seeds: 8/10

Paramore is a rock band from Tennessee. They got popular with their 2007 hit Misery Business, which really made the band take the spotlight. Since then they have made many more albums, but since 2017 they haven’t made another album, until now. Here is my personal opinion on this album which has 10 tracks and is 36 minutes long.

Starting off with track one called “This Is Why,” it’s an actually really good song to start the album. Since their last album was released in 2017 this one starts off with a good, catchy tune. I personally haven’t heard Paramore in a while but since listening to this one track I will definitely listen more to their songs.

Track two is called “The News” which starts off with guitar that has a really catchy tune, but they talk about the news and war and it seems like this topic of this song is important.

Track Three called “Running Out of Time” starts out slow but as the song continues it gets faster and faster which I personally really enjoy when I listen to songs.

The next two tracks, “C’est comme ça” and “Big Man, Little Dignity” were both kind of different. “C’est comme ça” was a little more upbeat and “Big Man, Little Dignity” was more slower, but I liked it and it was probably my favorite song on this album.

Track Six, “You First” had really good instrumentals, and I really liked how the song began. It has a really good intro than really brought me into the song. The lyrics were also really catchy and its a easy song to sing along with.

Track Seven, “Figure 8” was different sounding than the last one, but Halyley Williams’ (The Singer) vocals were very powerful, and I love the way she sings. Listeners can feel her emotions through her voice.

Track Eight and Nine, “Liar” and “Crave” were both really emotional songs. They felt really slow and sad, and I really do enjoy that in songs. I can appreciate all the guitar and drums in these two tracks they really tied the songs together.

Finally the tenth and final track “Thick Skull,” was also slow and it felt more deep and meaningful, with her vocals being just amazing. I have always loved her vocals, she always delivers. The guitar was also softer and as the song progressed it got a bit more fast-paced. The band really gave us a great drum beat and amazing vocals.

This album overall was really good. They delivered over 36 minutes of just great music all around. This album got an 8/10 from me, and I really recommend everyone to take it a listen even if it’s not your cup of tea.