Granada Hosts College and Career Fair


Mia Bartl, Reporter

Last night, October 24, Granada hosted the College and Career Fair in both gyms from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Over 100 colleges, from all over the United States, made themselves available to answer questions and hand out informational pamphlets for their respective universities. Students from the entire Tri-Valley: Dublin, Pleasanton, and Livermore, were more than welcome to attend.

Volunteer Tatiana Strickland said, “We’re expecting around 3,000 students.”

Doors opened at 6:30 pm, with countless college representatives waiting inside. Upon entry, students and parents received flyers detailing all the schools in attendance, and in which gym to find them. Long lines quickly formed at the booths of some of the more prestigious schools in attendance, such as UCLA and NYU. Students were free to ask any and all questions they had about housing, scholarships, admissions, and academics.

Senior Avery Casselman said the fair was, “a great way to find answers to all my questions. All the college representatives have been super helpful.”

Perhaps the most interesting part of the event was that it was entirely organized and run by Granada students.

Event lead Yair Cohen explains what went into planning the event, “I consolidated all the information for the representatives. I was in charge of collecting all the forms, all the food people ordered, and which colleges are coming. I have to make sure that information is all ready to go by today, and now we’re just checking it off as we go.”

The event was run mainly by Granada’s DECA club. Cohen expanded on how helpful this opportunity was for him to gain experience in business event planning, “It’s great experience for starting a project and really being able to throw you in the dark for a bit and find all the wiggle room and where and when things can be done. DECA is a fun time, and it’s low consequence, but you really get to figure that stuff out.”

While Cohen played a large role in the clerical and organizational aspects of the event, Arjun Bhatkhande, another Granada student, was in charge of publicizing the event.

“I put up posters, I got us in the newspaper, the Independent. I just wanted to get the word out,” said Bhatkhande. Evidently, Bhatkhande excelled at his job, with both gyms filled to the brim with students the entire night.

Overall, the College and Career fair was a huge success and a great opportunity for students of all grade levels to learn about their colleges of choice. Hosting such an event allows for a safe space for students to ask questions, especially about a process as daunting as college applications. Not only that, this event helps students feel more prepared for their future, and get an idea on the careers or majors they want to pursue. It’s never too early to decide on a career path, and the fair is undoubtedly a stepping stone for students to make that big decision!