Need Movies to Watch? Here Are Some GHS Teacher Movie Recommendations


Luther Hart, Reporter

With so many movies coming out in time for Halloween, many people are wondering what they should watch, so The Pomegranate asked these Granada teachers which movies they think that everybody should be watching. With recommendations for scary movies, as well as these teachers favorite movies in general, you will almost certainly have an abundance of movies to watch this coming month.

Starting off with their favorite movies of all time, the math department’s Mr. Meier’s favorite movie is “Major League,” a comedy which follows the Cleveland Indians quest to become an actual team, despite having terrible players on the team.

Mr. Hahn, and Mr. Avilla gave “The Shawshank Redemption” as their possible favorite movies ever, with Avilla saying that “If you were made or produced in the 90s and early 2000s, those were some of the highest quality movies I think that were ever made.”

Mr. Scheffler, the principle physics teacher on campus said that his favorite movies were a “tie between ‘Lord of the Rings: Return of the King,’ ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ and ‘Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back.'”

Additionally, some other recommendations were: “Pitch Perfect” (Pang), “Raging Bull” (Bynum), and “The Godfather” (Malson).

As for Halloween movies, many of the teachers didn’t appear to like scary movies, with Avilla, Pang, and Watts all apparently not fans of Halloween. Math teacher Mr. Clifton, however, gave the “Friday the Thirteenth” series as his favorite scary movies, and Codelli giving “People Under the Stairs,” a movie with zombies, released in 1991. English teacher Mr. Bynum said that his favorite scary movie was “The Shining,” a classic by Stanley Kubrick, released in 1980. Mr. Scheffler gave another classic, “Alien” as his favorite scary movie.

Finally, teachers were asked what movie they would show to some aliens who didn’t know anything about movies or mankind.

Mr. Watts said that, “if I want to scare them off, I would show them ‘Birdemic.'” “Birdemic” is a famously terrible movie, released in 2010, and widely considered by critics as on of the worst movies of all time, although over the years it has amassed a cult following of sorts. Mr. Avilla said that he would show the aliens “Independence Day” as a “little warning sign,” and Bynum would show them “Raging Bull,” a boxing movie released in 1980, so that, “that way they wouldn’t mess with us.” Other teachers gave answers such as “Slapshot” (Clifton), “The Breakfast Club” (Pang), “White Men Can’t Jump” (Hahn), “Apocalypse Now” (Malson), anything with Paul Rudd (Scheffler), and finally, Mr. Meier gave “Barbie” movies, since they show friendship and teamwork.

Now, after all of these incredible movie recommendations, hopefully you now have something to watch this Halloween, or just anytime in general.