Club Spotlight: Bust a Move in the Hip Hop Club


Mayalanni Erediano

The Hip Hop Club posing for a picture after the Back-to-School Rally.

Kate Wang, Reporter

The longest running club on campus, the Hip Hop Club is a widely respected club known for its stunning performances during school rallies. Two years ago, in the midst of returning to campus after being quarantined and learning online, the hip hop club emerged as one of the best clubs at Granada. Not only are they an amazing and welcoming space for new, casual members who have never danced before, but also bring out the potential in each of its members and shape them into incredible performers.

Seniors Anna Bronnikova and Jaden Colsch, the co-presidents of the club, are determined to provide a safe space for students to express their passion for dance without fear of judgment. The hip hop club is a positive atmosphere where everyone feels happy and puts on a great performance.

“We want to teach the history of hip hop, teach kids how to dance and express themselves,” said Colsch. “To me, it’s home. It’s always been a place where I feel like I belong, and I want to make other people feel that way too.”

Other officers are Maleah Okamoto, Lupita Torrones, Diya Mitragotri, and Isabel Gomez. Together, they work to make the club environment as welcoming and successful as possible.

Their performance during the rallies is a great way to attract members, with even Anna herself first finding it through the back-to-school rally her freshman year. With their dances also acting as free advertising, the hip hop club has grown to become one of the biggest clubs on campus with 65 members. Meeting on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays from 3:30 to 5:30 pm in the dance room and the quad, they encourage everyone to come out and give it a try.

An emphasis of the club is how you don’t need to be experienced in dance to become a member. Open to everyone, GHS hip hop focuses more on helping its members improve rather than being perfect. Because most dance teams have competitive tryouts, including the one at Granada, many high school students might feel it is too late for them to express their appreciation for dance.

“Even if you’re not good at first, it’s okay because we will teach you,” said secretary Lupita Torrones. “Not everyone can join the dance team so the hip hop club is a way for everyone to show their dance skills.”

Their dances are made and taught by their directors of choreography, Anna and Malaeh Okamoto. Working on to polish each move and help everyone master the dances, these directors work hard every meeting as dance teachers and coaches for all the members.

Anna expresses her joy for choreographing and watching the members learn the dance, “It’s a place where I can create things and I can make those creations come to life. I want a positive atmosphere where everyone feels like they can do whatever they put their mind to.”

When asking what made her want to join the hip hop club, Colsch explained, “I saw how energetic and happy and positive everyone there was, so I wanted to be a part of that and I’m so happy that I joined.”

Colsch’s biggest inspiration was the people she has seen there, especially the 2021-22 officers. “They did an amazing job. I want to be able to live up to what they did and push it even further.”

The future of the club is bright and everyone in Granada hopes that they can continue what they have been doing for so many, continuing to spread their love for dancing and performing for many generations of Granada students. The Granada hip hop club is dedicated to providing members with a thriving environment to develop as a dancer. They use their shared passion for hip hop as a tool to spread the love of creating and performing across the GHS campus and beyond!